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Taking care of your car and your spine: Clawson, Michigan Chiropractor

Dear Friends of Tocco Chiropractic,

It’s been said that people take better care of their cars than they do their bodies:  They get oil changes, keep them clean, check the warning lights etc.

I always say that if your car gave you a warning or check engine light, you wouldn’t ignore it or disconnect the warning light and keep driving, right?

I say this because I see this all the time.  People will say, “it will go away” or “It’s just a normal such and such”.

I ask, what does the warning signal mean and what is the cause?  That’s what I love about chiropractic, and that is what freed me of my health challenges over 30 years ago.   Finding causes instead treating the effects is one the most cruical understandings of chiropractic.

Here is a great article called “Chiropractic and Oil Changes: What the Similarity Means to You”


Yours in Health
Dr. Sam Tocco

Clawson, Michigan Chiropractor

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Clawson, MI  48017





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