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Chiropractic improves brain function.

Breaking News (but this is nothing new!):  Chiropractic care improves brain function!

Many times, when we hear this we only think of intelligence, being witty, dealing with emotions, being smart, telling jokes, or being a quick thinker; however, this goes far beyond.  The brain’s job is to send messages to the body through a tunnel that starts at your brain stem, if that tunnel is obstructed in anyway, over time function will be diminished.  Therefore,  brain function improves body function!  So, if you want your liver, colon, or lungs to function better–go to the source of its function: the nervous system.  This is why chiropractic care is considered healing from above-down, inside-out.  (As opposed to mainstream medical theory: outside-in.  Example:  pharmaceuticals and other outside-in approaches in treatment.)  This understanding of the two approaches usually makes even the worst skeptics of chiropractic care say, ” OH, I get it now!”  The biggest skeptics though, must experience it. I know this because that was once me over thirty years ago.  Even though I did not think I “believed in it”, chiropractic still worked and changed my life, and thank God because I can now share it with you!

This is why their is no alternative to chiropractic care.  It’s the only thing that goes right to the source of your life, your “fuse box”.  This is, in fact, where you live–inside this intricate system of energy. Brain to body-body back to brain, all day, everyday!

Who do you know that might want to increase brain function?

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Dr. Sam Tocco, Chiropractor
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One Response to “Chiropractic improves brain function.”

  1. Joana | September 9, 2012 at 10:23 am #

    I started seineg Dr. Keough in the Spring of 2011. My boss recommended her when I told her of my constant hip and lower back problems, all of which I’ve had for years. At my first visit Dr. Keough noticed that I leaned to one side quite a bit and that I was hunched over too. After that visit and her working on me, I noticed an immediate release in the pressure from my back and hip. She also diagnosed that my left leg was shorter than my right, which was the reason for many of my hip and back problems. Now after some time of seineg Dr. Keough, she’s helped me tremendously. I look forward to every visit with her and make it as a treat to myself . I often recommend her to friends as well. She not only takes the time to work on straightening your inside, but helps you look other ways to making a healthier you too. She has a great talent and you would truly benefit by giving her a chance to help you.

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