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Ligaments tell a story in back and neck pain, too.

Many of my patients, including myself, has some degree of spinal instability. This is where the ligaments have been damaged (from past injuries) and the spine becomes instable . Have you ever seen one of those plastic pieces that hold pop cans together? When you stretch one of the openings out too far, it doesn’t come back, or return to its orginal form.  If you tried to put the can back in, it would jostle around, right? Your bones, spine, and posture can tell a story, but so can the ligaments which hold it all together. Ligament damage is one of the most commonly overlooked injuries in the spine.

A solution to find these common problems: Get a Digital Motion X-Ray study performed.  Many of our patients say they have tried everything and had all tests done, however, they find that Digital Motion X-Ray study is crucial in diagnosing the situation and generally our office becomes the last stop.     to take an accurate look at the function and integrity of the joints in their natural motions. This motion testing is like a “videocamera” x-ray, so to speak. It can look inside right at the moment you are in pain and see what’s going on. It not only looks for malalignment, but malfunction, more importantly. We live in motion, and most times, are in weight bearing positions. However, as a rule with many other types of diagnostics, the patient is told to hold still, don’t move, and is not in a weight bearing or functional position. Big problem! This is why the Digital Motion X-ray is an incredible technology. It’s like having eyes inside the spine, and seeing the joints in their full life expression and motion. For more information on the Digital Motion X-Ray, please visit our website.

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