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Chiropractic as Applied to Natural Law

Dear Friends,

This excerpt is from the book “THE GREAT DIVIDE”, was written by Dr. B.J. Palmer, the developer of Chiropractic. I think that the following words really give the reader the Big Idea about Chiropractic and makes it easy to see how essential it is for true health and wellness.

I encourage everyone to read this and pass it along. There is more truth about the human body in these short paragraphs than you can find in volumes of medical journals. The very simple understanding of Life and Health as stated below explains the real reason for the cause and cure of ALL disease. This knowledge is essential for an optimum quality of life!

Yours in Health,
Dr. Sam Tocco

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Chiropractic is based upon the principle of the law which governs the Universe, Natural Law. CHIROPRACTIC contends that the Creator in HIS wisdom created everything in the human body to retain and maintain normal-health-everything has it purpose – there is nothing superfluous or lacking. It is a full and complete unit created to manifest its definite purpose, the work of the Innate Intelligence in tune with universal law. Innate Intelligence is the expression of the miracle performing substance commonly referred to as Life. It emanates from brain through spinal cord, then through nerves to reach every tissue cell and there express itself in miraculous action of changing common food into living flesh and blood. It miraculously manufactures by means of countless glands all secretions in the human body. Secretions to aid in digestion. Secretions to lubricate and prevent inflammation on all moving parts. Secretions to serve as protection against disease. Secretions to heal and mend the body, and last but not least, secretions to enjoy God’s greatest gift to men – Reproduction.

However, when there is a pressure on a nerve, it interferes with normal transmission of mental impulses on Innate Intelligence between brain cell and tissue cell. Consequently, abnormal function follows and causes dis-ease. In Chiropractic, pressures on the nerve is located and corrected re-establishing normal flow of mental impulses, so Innate Intelligence can produce normally and restore health.

Can Chiropractic “cure” all disease? The Innate Intelligence (nature) does the healing, and is only limited by the material it has for expression. There is an Innate Intelligence resident within a seed, but it cannot express itself on a cement sidewalk. Likewise, with the human body. We cannot expect complete restoration of health when vital parts have been removed or if tissue is destroyed by foreign matter injected into the body, or if the condition is so far advanced because of neglect wherein it is deteriorated beyond repair. Chiropractors accept the principle that the whole Universe including man, is God made and the law He created is perfect in every detail. This is the Chiropractic concept of the cause and cure of all disease.

Taken from the 1961 book “THE GREAT DIVIDE”

By: B.J. Palmer, D.C., PH. C.

Developer of Chiropractic


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  1. Vancouver Chiropractic | September 25, 2010 at 3:26 pm #

    Thanks for sharing this information about chiropractic. Great information and the more we share the better. People need to know about this stuff!

    Dr. Michael Horowitz
    Vancouver Chiropractor

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