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Commonly Overlooked Injuries Can Be Detected With the Digital Motion X-Ray at DMX of Michigan

 Commonly Overlooked Injuries Can Be Detected With the Digital Motion X-Ray at DMX of Michigan

The Digital Motion X-Ray, or DMX, is the latest in break-through diagnostic imaging technology that allows clinicians to view the spine and extremities in a real-time motion.  Essentially, it is fluoroscopy-based x-ray system coupled with digital and optic technology.  This advancement in x-ray is able to detect spinal and joint injuries more accurately by digitizing the patient in motion, where often times they are in pain, discomfort, or have restricted or abnormal movement due to injury, where other types of diagnostics that are routinely done are still, static images where the person is still, motionless, and holding their breath and, many times, not necessarily in pain or discomfort.  The Digital Motion X-Ray tests in motion because the injury itself occurs in motion and can be felt in motion. 

 “The beauty of this technology is that the injuries that are missed on plain film x-ray, CT scans and MRI are very evident using Digital Motion X-Ray. At 30 x-rays per second, a standard neck series will consist of 2700 to 3000 images.  With this level of specificity, subtleties are not missed,” says Dr. Tocco.

 The procedure is performed with the patient standing and actively moving in a weight-bearing position within the system. The radiation dose to the patient is greatly reduced due to advancements in digital technology, and the image quality is clear, accurate, and abnormalities are easily detected, documented and proved.

 Ligamentous injuries are the most commonly overlooked injuries in the personal injury arena. Research tells us that the ligaments in the neck are very susceptible to injury. Ligament injuries have these common characteristics: they are painful, progressive and permanent.

 Dr. Sam Tocco has been leader in the State of Michigan and serving the greater metro-Detroit area the last three years by doing a number of Digital Motion X-Ray studies for patients, auto-accident victims, personal injury cases for Michigan attorneys, and doctors of all specialties helping their patients detect injuries.   Dr. Tocco conducts seminars for personal injury attorneys, interviews for the media, and offers patients DMX studies out of his center in Clawson, Michigan.  For further information, visit  or to schedule an interview with Dr. Tocco, please call Greater Metro-Detroit’s resource for the Digital Motion X-Ray:  DMX of Michigan at (248) 435-8435.


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