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Planting any “seeds” this Spring?

Planting any “seeds” this Spring?

Sharing the science and philosophy of chiropractic with your loved ones can be challenging.  A common question I hear often:  How do I get them to understand?  Understanding it yourself, on its most fundamental level, is the best advice I can give you.  And, remember a few key things:

1.)    Be gentle.

2.)   Be patient.

3.)   Plant seeds.

Change is hard for all of us.  It requires us to be teachable, and open to not only a new way of doing, but a new way of thinking.  The old adage applies:  “Ready is” is “ready does”.  Here’s to planting some powerful seeds this Spring…

Seed #1

Your life expression is a reflection of the expression of life within your nervous system…. from brain to body, and body back to brain-sending messages all day long – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  We know this because when we are pronounced dead it is because this transmission “flat lines” or cannot be measured.  If our bodies are compromised of this vital energy, we may experience malfunction outwardly or inwardly.  Many times, it is silent and the messages that are being sent are either diverted, lost, or only partially received; thus, causing some kind of malfunction, symptom, or effect  in the body.  Yes, it’s that simple, but in a very complex, dynamic way.

Seed #2

Chiropractic is only profession to analyze, detect, and correct vertebral subluxation.  There is no substitute, that is not to say; many people raise their health expression above the critical line of having less or no symptoms using a variety of means; however,  this does not mean subluxation has been removed.  This is one critical reason that symptoms play no part in the chiropractors role; because a chiropractor’s job is to remove subluxation-period (or exclamation!)  The body does the rest.

People will say, “I have such and such; can chiropractic help that?”  Or they say, well I’m not so sure chiropractic can help me because…”I have a different, very rare problem…”  With subluxation or interference in this intricate system of life and energy, we compromise our potential to express health and life.   Weak, compromised, or disconnected messages overtime can create other problems.  The truth is, there is no function or malfunction in the body that does not relate back to its own nervous system.  Also, if you do or someone you know has “such and such”, would anyone want to be subluxated on top of that?  No!   Getting checked for interference in your body is one of the most powerful steps in a wellness lifestyle.  Why?  Back to the initial premise; all function in the body has to relate back to its own nervous system, because that is how we live-through it and in it.  This is why real chiropractic can never be about the treatment of a disease, because it takes the entire body into account and unlocks the workings of the nervous system.  If the function of your body improves, all functions therein will also improve…every cell, tissue, organ, and system function better.

Seed #3

A powerful final thought:  Your Innate Intelligence is always working for the greater good of you, and knows everything about you, because it is, in effect, you!  This is one of the most powerful principles on which chiropractic was founded and based; ultimately, it gives credit to your body for the healing.  Your body is the specialist, the doctor, the healer, the all-knowing one about itself.    Just like a seed holds all the intelligence to sprout, blossom, and bloom, your body holds the intelligence to do the same, and yearns to express health, not sickness.  But we have the power and the choice to create conditions that breed sickness and malfunction, or alternatively, the choice and the power to create conditions conducive to health and wellness.

Who do you know that needs you to plant the good word?

Healthy Regards,

Dr. Sam Tocco, Chiropractor
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