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    Tocco Chiropractic is the only office in Michigan that has the Digital Motion X-Ray, the revolutionary Pro-Adjuster, specific adjusting, and a chiropractor in his 30th year of practice with an impeccable track record.

  • See what our patients say about Tocco Chiropractic

    See what our patients say about Tocco Chiropractic

    Watch video testimonials of patients who we’ve helped to improve their lives.

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    Want to know more?

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  • Who is Dr. Sam Tocco?

    Who is Dr. Sam Tocco?

    Dr. Tocco’s mission, as a young graduate of chiropractic, was to become the best he could be in his field. Today, that mission remains strong as he continuously advances to stay atop of his profession and educate our community. Read more about Dr. Sam Tocco!

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    Where is Tocco Chiropractic located?

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  • DMX Digital Motion X-Ray

    DMX Digital Motion X-Ray

    DMX of Michigan is Southeast Michigan’s premier diagnostic center and one of the only that uses Digital Motion X-Ray to view the spine in motion, finding injuries that MRIs and CT scans can miss.

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Back pain in the Elderly

Back pain is a common problem among the elderly, but there are many solutions available to help alleviate this issue. Many elderly individuals suffer from acute and chronic back pain every day as a result of various lifestyle factors or traumas. If they decide to go with regular medication such as Tylenol, it is recommended […]

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Why Do I Have Back Pain?

Why Do I Have Back Pain?

The Domino Effect: Dangers of Forward Head Posture The primary cause of forward head posture is long-term subluxation and lack of spinal hygiene or neglect, which can become worse with many common, everyday activities that many of us do habitually. Here are some of the more common ways we can make matters worse… 1. Looking […]

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Patient Testimonial – Relief from Vertigo

Another incredible patient testimonial from our office in Clawson, Michigan. Patient Kevin Pappert was referred to Dr. Tocco after suffering for nearly two months from severe vertigo spells. Kevin’s vertigo spells were impeding his life, his work and his overall happiness. After being told by medical doctors that his condition was “positional” and to limit […]

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What’s the best exercise? By Michigan Chiropractor, Dr. Sam Tocco

Dear Friends of Tocco Chiropractic, What is the single best exercise I should be doing? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked this question as a chiropractor and wellness advisor for the last three decades!   I saw this video, and it is well-researched, so I’ll allow it to speak to what I’ve been […]

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Chiropractic Helps Woman Get Pregnant

Dr. Behrendt led a study with 15 women who struggled with infertility, some for more than a decade. Of these women, 14 became pregnant. Dr. Behrendt says “the chiropractor identifies spinal distortions, which are called subluxations, and once they were detected and corrected, the fertility function improved.” When we go back to how the body works […]

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Frustrated Parents Turn to Chiropractic for Chronic Ear Infections

When you come to our office, you see a children’s table and toys in the corner. At first glance, one might think that this is because the kiddos that come see us can entertain themselves while mom or dad get adjusted. However, the truth is parents are hearing about some alternatives to the mainstream approach to […]

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