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Patient Testimonial – Relief from Vertigo

Another incredible patient testimonial from our office in Clawson, Michigan.

Patient Kevin Pappert was referred to Dr. Tocco after suffering for nearly two months from severe vertigo spells.
Kevin’s vertigo spells were impeding his life, his work and his overall happiness.

After being told by medical doctors that his condition was “positional” and to limit his movement, he decided to seek a diagnosis from Dr. Sam Tocco who used DMX (Digital Motion XRay) to view Kevin’s neck in motion and diagnose the root of his problem; VERTEBRAL SUBLUXATION! After treating Kevin’s subluxation (when one or more of the vertebrae of the spine are out of place causing nerve interference) for a little over a month, Kevin was so excited about his results that he wanted to share his testimonial.

Through a series of specific adjustments, utilizing the ProAdjuster and Dr. Tocco’s 32 years of chiropractic experience, Kevin saw almost immediate relief from his vertigo symptoms and as his body began to heal, he even saw improvement in other areas of his health. By listening to Dr. Tocco’s diagnosis and following his treatment plan, Kevin’s body began a radical transformation; it began healing itself from the inside out. As his nerves found new life and the passageways of his body reconnected, he regained feeling in his hands and feet. His nerves began working for him again and he immediately saw a reduction in his neuropathy symptoms (loss of nerve function or feeling).

By treating Kevin’s body as a whole, instead of treating individual parts or symptoms, Dr. Tocco was able to improve Kevin’s overall health instead of simply treating his vertigo. Kevin has also seen a reduction in his insulin dependence and is excited about what lays ahead for him as he begins his chiropractic journey to overall health and well-being.

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