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Tips on Reducing Back Pain – Dr. Sam Tocco

Tips on Reducing Back Pain

If you are currently finding yourself suffering from back pain, here are some tips for relieving back pain and getting your life back!Back pain is the second leading cause of time off working and the number one stopper for people participating in sports, daily activities, and doing work.

One thing that many chiropractors try to educate their patients about, is that chiropractic is not just for back or neck pain!  (And boy is it frustrating to get this across to people at times!)  People with all sorts of problems get great help from chiropractic care: headaches, digestive issues, carpal tunnel, fibromyalgia, and the list goes on.   I, myself, got rid of grand mal seizures over thirty years ago with chiropractic care.  But, the truth is, there are so many people that have back and neck pain and it isn’t until they experience this state of discomfort that they are even open to trying chiropractic care.  Many times, they don’t even connect the health or lack of health in their bodies to the function of their nervous system.  Did you know that most chiropractic patients come in with the back ache, but stay for the chiropractic care?  The same nerves that are causing you pain are the same nerves that cause your organs to function or malfunction!  So, many times, people have pain, and a whole host of other issues, and never connect them as having a related cause-one of the biggest mistakes we can make in our health, and this is one of the most commonly overlooked area by doctors today.  Everything has a cause, we hear it all the time;  “ it was after that fall or after the accident” , or “ever since I…” I think you get the idea!

The fuse box of your life is in your spine and central nervous system.  Without those impulses going from the body to brain and brain to body via the spinal cord, we do not have life expression, and hence, we may experience pain!

Here are some tips that I can share that can help with back pain.

1.        First do no harm…taking drugs, and other therapies that have side effects or just mask the symptoms never truly get rid of the problem and can even make the problem worse when you are unable to feel the pain that is there for a reason…it’s the body’s “engine light” coming on…you wouldn’t dismantle the engine light of your car and keep driving…same with the body!

2.        Consult with a chiropractor; one that does not just treat back pain, but one who restores curvature and changes spines long term.  Not all chiropractors share the same philosophy or have the same technique…even if you have tried one or two…find the right one and do your research!

3.         Take it easy! Watch how you move.  Watch how you sit!  Watch how you get in and out of your car!  Get to know your body,  it’s triggers and how to best protect your spine.  Most of the things or habits we do everyday can make our problem worse like slouching at a computer, propping our heads up with a pillow, picking things up sideways, reaching in the back seat of the car …you get the idea.

4.         Check your bed! You spend a good number of hours  there  every  single day…if you are waking up sore… your body may be trying to tell you something.  If you are sleeping in a “banana bed” where the middle sinks or is uneven, you need to get a new mattress!  There are a lot of “doctor recommended” beds out there—buyer beware!    Do your research, and don’t stop at the first one you see or hear about.  For Dr. Tocco’s recommended bed of choice is the Sleep Number…click here for more information.

5.         If you go to a surgeon, expect them to recommend surgery. Just as if you were to go to a vegetarian restaurant, you would expect vegetables.  And remember, as I mentioned in the beginning of this article, the same nerves that allow you to feel pain, also go to your organs. When we interfere with nerve flow and energy, even surgery, can have negative effects on your health and the messages that go to these vital organs.  Knowing the side-effects and doing your research on them will save much future grief.   Not knowing all of your options is like not having any.  There are many approaches to getting to the bottom of back pain, and if you want real help…you’ll find it.

6.         Don’t aggravate the problem. Some doctors will tell you that exercise or physical therapy may help, and it may, but proceed with caution!  If you have a problem in your spine, and you start to aggravate it and don’t fix the underlying cause first, you may damage your body and cause unnecessary, undue stress on your back, neck or spine in general.  Protect  yourself.

My best advice…whatever you do –do your research!  Be conservative in your approach, and don’t do more harm.  Consult with a chiropractor, two or three before proceeding.

Dr. Sam Tocco is has been a Michigan Chiropractor for 30 years, he utilizes the latest technology in x-ray – Digital Motion X-Ray, the Revolutionary Pro-Adjuster System, and specific Adjusting.  His approach and knowledge of the human body is what drives his outstanding patient results.

Call for a free consultation today…248-435-8435.  Don’t wait until your problem gets worse…the sooner you get to the cause; the sooner you get your life back! Also, visit our website for great articles, videos and health information:


Healthy Regards,

Dr. Sam Tocco
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